Share the Story: Eel and Seal Feel

April 25, 2012

Share the Story is a teaching strategy for helping children learn to read. Words are in gray (for parents) and black (for children) to create an interactive reading experience for parent and child. On each page, one word is added in black for your child to read. By starting with one word on the page for child to read, and increasing this by one word at a time, children will be neither overwhelmed nor bored with learning to focus on letters and words. This reading method will be especially effective for children who learn best by memorization, or children who otherwise resist looking at the words on the page. If other teaching strategies have left your child bored and frustrated with reading, try Share the Story!

In this Share the Story edition, children will learn to read and recognize the following words: eel, seal, feel, play, fish, glad, hurt, mad, sad, wish, come, stay

Eel and Seal feel lonely before they meet, but when they meet they are glad they can be friends. Fish joins them also and they all feel glad. The three friends decide to play hide and seek, but when Eel decides to play tag, Seal gets hurt. Then Seal and Fish are mad at Eel, and Eel is sad that he hurt his friend. Will Seal and Fish come back to play with Eel, and can the three stay friends?

End of the book activities include Uppercase/Lowercase, Trace the Words, Write the Word in the Box, Fill in the Blank, Other Words that End in… and Practicing Plurals.

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